Big Head Basketball

Big Head Basketball Game
Big Head Basketball Game
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Big Head Basketball ; Big Head Basketball is the main game on Your opponents are waiting for you to play an unforgettable basketball match. As a part of bodies just players hands and heads are seem in this funny basketball game. Characters that used in this game as basketball players whose faces are very similar to NBA stars. Choose your player to start. Round ball drop centre of court and match begin. Two players attempt the ball to possess at the same time. Opposing player is expected to move the ball to shoot. You should prevent opponent's shoots by blocking and jumping to the air, otherwise he will score points suddenly. After scoring points you or your opponent, normally you stay your backcourt. In this situation ball can move itself to the your goal if you don't jump or move. So you must be mobile during the match, do not provide any opportunity for opponent. Another important point is to get rebounds before your opponent. You are big enough to score points. Missing shots are unwarrantable fails for you. Nobody will coach you. To defeat your opponents, you develop own tactics and tecniques by playing more games. We hope futher versions of big head basketball games will be 3D Unity format. You can play big head basketball game as two player . PLAY SECOND GAME OF THIS SERIES: Big Head Basketball Championship

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