Big Head Football

Big Head Football Game
Big Head Football Game
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Big Head Football ; Big Head football is great game at ! Play this sports game to reveal your football talents and to develop tackling capacity. You will see football players, playing in their national football teams, with oversized heads on the game screen. All of players are. Select one of them to participate the game. In the beginning the players positioned in their zone on front of the goal. The time appears over players, it shows total match minutes. Press "SPACE" to start the game. Once the ball drop on the center, you attack to possess it. You can just use your foot and head to move and to kick the ball. As a movement you can jump, skip and walk. As a action with ball you can kick, volley and head during game. Basically, your aim is to defeat your opponent and reach final match. To achive this aim you determine a game strategy and develop winning techniques. To apply your strategy you should play at less three time. Your motto can be: Possess the ball, score the goal. If the ball cross the goal line without any touching, this situation awards a goal. So you take attention stable and rebounding balls. You can lose your advantage if opponents play close. You have three mission. First one is goalkeeper, second one is midfielder and last one is forward. Normally, in football games we see multiple players but in this game you obtain these three roles. You will prevent opponent's goals as a goalkeeper, tackle and struggle to possess the ball as a midfielder and score goals as a forward. You should control your score points between matches. In this game, you can't select any team or club, you just play individual. It will be really good experience for you. Have Fun!

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